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The Big Project! Shooting Star (November 29 – December 3)


The current unit is almost finished, and it’s time for the students to review the things they have learned, apply them, and put them into action.

The last activity for this unit is going to be a Big Project: The students will be making their play from scratch and will present it to the whole class.

First Step: Talking and deciding what story they will make and who will portray the characters in the story.
まずはグループでどんな物語をしたいのかを話し合いました。何かを決めるためにチームで話し合う際、人の意見をしっかり聞き、考慮することは大切なんだと言うこと、そして自分のやりたいことだけを押し付けることは良くないと言うことをクラス全体で話しました。するとどうでしょう、少しの対立が見られたものの、全グループすんなり決めることができました👏 その後はキャラクターを決めていきます。これもまたすんなり決まりました😉

2nd step: Write each scene of the story and the dialogue of the characters in it.

This activity will showcase their understanding of how to express themselves through storytelling. They have all been doing great in the whole duration of the unit, so we are more than confident that they will do a great job on this project!


The love for English of our dear learners is palpable and undeniable; they love studying Phonics. This week, we practiced segmentation and gave samples of words that have short /u/ medial sounds. They were given a worksheet where they needed to read the words and match them with the image below; they pick a word or two and use them in a sentence. Their Phonics subject is not just focusing on helping them to sound letters and read but also helping them to spell words and write sentences. We all can’t wait for the day when they will compose their sentence and pen it to their notebook.

Craft and Arts:

All is set now for our performance for the Christmas show! This week the kids joined forces in making their props for the show. They all had fun painting and some of them were even practicing their lines while doing it; it only shows that they are more than ready for the Big Day the week after next!

Some pictures were taken during our free playtime. The kids’ initiative in making stuff without being told reflects how much they are learning at school.

Making Sumikogurashi Characters out of clay.

See you all in the next blog! Tata!