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The last full show – Shooting Star 12/6 – 12/10

The kids have started learning a new skill in their Physical Education subject this week: Tumbling! This gymnastic activity will help the students to improve their core strength and their whole body muscle extension and balance. For first-timers, they did a great job! They will practice more in the coming days until they become professional gymnasts. 😉

The third unit of IB has finally come to an end, and it’s time for the last full show.

The kids have successfully made their story with the complete elements of a story. They poured their creative juices to be able to come up with unique lines and actions to tell their stories to the whole class.

Their enthusiasm in creating their story proves that this unit had successfully helped them be able to express themselves and gained confidence in telling their stories.

We practiced subtraction and addition using a board game in Math this week! In the board game, they needed to add the numbers that were shown in the dice before taking a move; the same rules applied in the subtraction.

They recorded the numbers on paper and were checked by the teacher after the game. They all did a great job!

The whole class loves it when games are incorporated in their lessons, they are all more engaged and exert more effort to surface victoriously in the task if a score sheet is involved. We are excited to try other games in the coming days!

After decoding and segmenting letter sounds to spell words, the shooting star class has started to make sentences by themselves. This week, we have started to learn about sentences. We tried to have them define what a sentence is and we surprisingly got a very good answer, the student answered: a sentence is many words that are put together. It is indeed the definition. After defining it, we read all the sentences given by the students and dissected them; we discovered that a sentence is composed of 2 parts: the naming part, where the doer of the actions is stated, and the telling part, where the actions of the doer are stated. We will do matching games to practice this concept more next week.

It has been a productive and active week for the whole class, and we all can’t wait to see you in person next week for the Christmas show!


Have a lovely weekend!