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2 in 1 – Shooting Star 2/7 – 2/10

Welcome back to our blog!

This week was a special week: The shooting star class had 2 versions of classes 1 online and 1 in the physical classroom at the same time. Despite this special arrangement, the whole class had the same lessons and learned the same thing.

For Phonics, we continued writing our own rule. We helped Mabel to correct his own written rule last week by correcting all the misspelled words in the paragraph, then we look for blending sounds and digraphs from the words. This week it was our time to write our own rules. The students came up with: Don’t go up and down the stairs, Don’t drop your drink, Sit nicely on the swings, and many more. They then wrote it on paper and drew pictures of the rule in the box.

For Math, we practiced counting 1-100. We watched a video and danced with it as we counted. After that, we used a worksheet and fill in the blank and complete the numbers from 1-10; It has been a while since the last time we practiced writing numbers, so this activity was a good review for the whole class.

We also read a new book this week called: Dan the tan man. It helped us practice reading words that have a short /a/ sound. After reading, we then again went word hunting; we hunted words that have a short /a/ sound. The kids are so good at this already, a piece of cake indeed.
新しい本「Dan the tan man」も一緒に読みました。この本は短い/a/の発音にフォーカスしています。みんなで本んを読み終わった後は単語ハンティングをしました。短いaの発音が入っている単語を探すアクティビティです。このハンティングは、SSさんにとって「Piece of cake」(超簡単)でした😉

We also got the chance to practice writing this week. We looked into words that have short /oo/ sound and long /oo/ sound. After discovering words that have this sound, we tried to use the words to make sentences.

This week was short but still fun. We look forward to seeing each other next week.

See you!