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Shooting Star and Savanna

This week both classes are continuing with the theme of ‘Sharing the Planet’. The students are focusing on animals and habitats at the moment, having moved away from weather and cycles. The weather this week created a great discussion to review what we have learned so far!
In Shooting Star, students began learning about dinosaurs, and when they lived. They were able to learn some names, what they ate, how the world looked different, and how the dinosaurs may have died.
They were able to create their own dinosaurs, too. The students will share their new dinosaur or prehistoric animal with the class on Monday.
In Savanna, students continued learning about animals and habitats, and worked to create a non-fiction book about an animal of their choice. They were able to talk about the animal’s diet, habitat, and babies.
In both classes, the students made a Hinamatsuri craft. These are hanging up in the hallway, please look at them next week! We also practiced, with all of the classes, for the Graduation Ceremony we will have on March 23. We are all very excited to congratulate the students who will be moving to elementary school!
Have a wonderful weekend!