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“It’s Our School Open Day”


Thank you parents for coming to our School Open Day and having the chance to observe our class.

✅ Unit Of Inquiry

We have been learning about family with our Theme, Who We Are. Central Idea, Family bonding increases our self-esteem, and Line Of Inquiry 2, Bonding with family members. We defined family bonding as, We love each other, We help each other, and We have fun together. We sang, “This Is My Family” song which expresses love for family members. We also differentiated bonding and not bonding by showing the class different photos. This week, Shooting Star class talked about how we can help our family members. Students drew a picture and described what they are doing. We did Show and Tell activity by presenting their work in front of the class. Everyone had fun engaging in this activity. Well done, Shooting Star!

✅ Phonics

We practiced writing letter g with our practice writing board after tracing it on a worksheet. And we also learned the beginning word sound with __ip and __it words. Shooting Star students chose the word/s, spelled, sounded out, and read. Yes, we can read CVC words. Then we used the play dough to form words. Learning phonics is fun!

✅ Gym Lesson

We had our Gym lesson and the most highlight of our activities was the parachute activity. It taught us to follow directions, encourage cooperation, reinforce sharing, develop sense of rhythm, and introduce physical activity as fun. We didn’t only enjoy, but to top it all, it’s very beneficial for the development of our arms, shoulders, and torso.

✅ Walk to the Park

We walked to Nambu Park! It took us 40 minutes to reach to the park with a stop by at the Tokyo Interior Park to drink tea and rest for a while. Upon reaching the Nambu Park, we read a book while resting under the tree, a nice place surrounded by nature, breathing fresh air and after that we began playing at the play structure. Shooting Star laughter permeated the park!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.