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Occupations in the community-Shooting Star-January 23rd-27th

Hello Everyone,

It’s our great pleasure sharing with you what we have done so far this week.

As we continue to explore this unit, How We Organize Ourselves with our central idea, Community helpers keep us safe and healthy, we got to grips with the different kinds of buildings and occupations in a community. We did a matching activity to reinforce our learning. Shooting class found it enjoyable and they even do it independently during workstation. They didn’t only enjoy, but they accomplished the goal by themselves.



このユニット「How We Organize Ourselves」の中心的なアイディアである「Community helpers keep us safe and healthy」の探究を続ける中で、シューティングスターのお友だちはコミュニティにおける様々な種類の建物や職業について理解することが出来ました✨今週は探求したことを強化するために、マッチング・アクティビティを行いました!(カードをめくり、職業のカードとその人が働く場所をマッチさせるゲームです)シューティングさんはこのアクティビティをとても気に入り、ワークステーションの間、自主的に行っていました♩

Thank you for the shaved ice from snow. Shooting Star class had so much fun making colorful shaved ice with paint. We learned science through pretend play with melting ice and color combinations.


Through learning digraphs, we were able to read and write the words on our practice writing board. It’s sometimes challenging for us task to read and write the words that’s why we tried to make it interesting, motivating, and fun. We learn and play.


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.