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Our Fingerprints-Shooting Star-February 13th-17th

Hello Everyone,

Here we are again for another week of our fun-filled learning activities.

This week, we talked about fingerprints. We learned the three types of fingerprints, namely; loop, whorl, and arch, and that no two fingerprints are alike. We took our own fingerprints and we identified what type. Fingerprints are very important according to the police officer because they can help solve the case.


We also made handcuffs which we enjoyed using for pretend play. We learned that handcuffs are important tools to ensure suspects cannot escape or hurt. Making handcuffs stimulate our creativity by choosing the color of the construction paper and designing them on our own. It’s evident how our little hands can create something out of our creative minds.


This week, we bid goodbye to the twins who joined in our class for two weeks. We gave them our send off card that says, We will miss you. The twins received it with a smile on their faces.

2週間シューティングクラスにいた双子のお友だちとのお別れの日。We will miss youと書かれたお見送りカードを渡しました!二人とも笑顔で受け取ってくれました♡

We also want to mention our outside play in the snow last Friday. We put on our snow gear and off go. We had so much fun playing in the snow, making snowballs, running around and making a big snow man. It provided for us an endless opportunity to stimulate our play and physical development. What a wonderful memory we had!