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More About Community Helpers-Shooting Star-March 6th to 10th

Hello Everyone,


It’s good to publish here again what Shooting Star class has done this week.

Shooting Class continued with our class discussion, “What if there aren’t any hospital, restaurant, and hair salon community helpers?” We talked about each community helpers in groups and we tried our best to be communicators by sharing our ideas and by presenting our ideas in front of the class. Everyone engaged in the group discussion and had fun sharing their opinion. It was great to see how members in the groups collaborate with each other. After writing down their ideas on the paper, they decided how to present their work and practiced a little bit, and when they’re ready, they stood up with confidence in front of the class. And to make our class discussion even more fun, we decided to play like a hairstylist. Using papers, glue, and scissors, we enjoyed cutting hair with our own style and we drew the face parts as well.

他にも、、ヘアスタイリストのような遊びをすることにしました✂ 紙やのり、ハサミを使って、自分たちの好きな髪形に切ったり、顔のパーツを描いて楽しみました♩

We had so much fun in our Gym lesson. We did skipping rope which was not only good for health and stamina, but for rhythm and coordination as well. We did our best to run to the rope with a right timing and jumped. We are still working on for the timing to do it better. Tightrope walk was also a fun activity for us which help us improve our balance and posture. Shooting Star class had so much fun while keeping our learner profile in mind.


We walked to the park and had fun playing at the play structure again.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone.