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Family members have different roles-Shooting Star-May 8th-12th

家族一人一人が持つ役割 Shooting Starクラス 5月8日から12日より

Hello Everyone,


It’s a wonderful experience for Shooting Star class having Mr. Ryan with us for a week, an apprentice teacher from America who works for Ueda campus. He read a variety of book to us in the afternoon circle time and we enjoyed it so much. Thank you, Mr. Ryan for bringing fun to the class.

今週、上田キャンパスからアメリカ出身の、新任であるライアン先生がShooting Starクラスに来てくれて、子供達は素晴らしい経験をしました。ライアン先生は午後の学びの時間には色々な本を読んで下さり、みんなとても楽しんでいました。ライアン先生、楽しい時間をありがとうございました。

This week, we have started learning the CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words that have -ag ending sound like bag, rag, tag, and wag. We watched a short -ag word family video that introduced the sound of each letter to form CVC words with pictures. Everyone engaged by guessing the puzzle being connected together to show the whole picture and the CVC word. It was an excellent way to improve our reading and spelling skills as beginning readers.


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we remembered our moms. We made a special card with a special message, “I love you, mom. Thank you for cooking” etc. We linked the occasion to our line of inquiry 2 which talks about the different roles of family members. We would like to thank our moms for doing important roles in the family. Happy Mother’s Day, Mommies. Hope you all enjoy our small token of appreciation made by our tiny hands with a big heart.

母の日が近くなり、みんなお母さんに感謝を表したいと思っています。子供達は”I love you, mom. Thank you for cooking” 等の様に特別なメッセージを添えたオリジナルのカードを作りました。みんな家族の一員であるそれぞれの役割について話して2行に書き込みました。お母さんに家族においての大切な役割を担っていることに感謝したいと思います。お母さん、母の日に感謝を込めて。子供達の小さな手で作った心のこもった感謝の印を喜んで頂けたら嬉しく思います。

We had so much fun walking to the park. We enjoyed every free conversation that we had while exploring the nature along the way. At the park, we have the freedom to play whatever we like. We can walk, run, play, and be ourselves. Going to the park always double our fun.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.