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Awesome craft for Daddy-Shooting Star-May 29-June 2

父の日の素敵な工作 Shooting Starクラス 5月29日から6月2日より

Hello Everyone,


Another fantastic week for Shooting Star is here. We welcomed a new friend with a big smile.

Shooting Starクラスの楽しい一週間をお伝えします。今月より新しいお友達が加わり、みんな笑顔で歓迎しました。

This week, we continued with our discussion about different roles of family members and we focused on the roles of fathers at home. We talked about the things that we appreciate about daddy and we linked it to Father’s Day. Yes! We want to tell our daddy how much they are appreciated for doing their roles in the family, hence, we decided to make something that would make them smile.


We learned CVC words with -ap word family like nap, lap, gap, map, and cap and we included it in our workstation for students to explore and learn with their friends. We also practiced writing lowercase letter e with our practice writing board and a marker. Writing is also part of our workstation in the morning during IB time. We practice everyday by tracing the letter before moving to the play area.

子供達はnap, lap, gap, map, and cap のようなCVC wordsの-apが伴う単語を学びました。そしてクラスメートと学ぶコーナーを用意しています。また、それぞれにのホワイトボードに小文字でeの文字を書いて練習しました。朝、登園後やIBの時間に書く練習をすることが日課になっています。毎日、自由遊びの前に文字をなぞって練習しています。

The weather was nice and we had so much fun walking to and playing in the park. As soon as we got to the park, the fun began. We shared the laughter which encourages us to build closeness and good relationship.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.