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Traffic Safety Reminder-Shooting Star-June 17th-21st


This week our inquiry based learners have explored different topics which required their creative and critical thinking.

To start our week, the pediatric dentists came to school to inspect if tooth decay or any gum disease is present in our mouth. Everyone strived to be a communicator by listening well to what the dentist said and by doing what they were asked to do. Goodbye tooth decay!


For our UOI, we focused on our roles at home. We played again the Yes or No game to answer the questions about our roles at home and placed the sticker on the Yes or No chart. Then, from the YES answers we reflected on which of those roles we can do at home by ourselves. Everyone lined up and pointed their answer/answers out on the chart and said it aloud like, “I can clean up toys at home by myself”. “I can get ready for ISN by myself” and the like.

UOIでは、お母さん、お父さんの役割のインタビューで行ったように、今度は自分たちのことについてYes or Noのゲームをしました。そして最後に、自分でどんな役割をもっと頑張りたいか、挑戦したいか考え、決めました✨✨

It’s time to learn more about traffic safety from the experts. The traffic division representatives came to school to educate us about road safety. We were reminded to sit in a car seat with a seatbelt, to hold our parent’s hands when walking at the parking lot, and the green light means it’s all right to go, but only after checking right, left, and right carefully to make sure it is safe. And when crossing the road, the traffic safety officers reminded us to always stay with adults. We strived to be thinkers and knowledgeable throughout the entire session. Then, we headed out to the school yard to practice crossing the road safely.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone.