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Handling our own oral hygiene-Shooting Star-June 24th-28th

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our last blog for the month of June.

This week, our inquiry based students engaged into handling their own oral hygiene. This is part of our theme, Who We Are, with our central idea, “The roles are different depending on its location and structure” which particularly focuses on our role as Shooting Star class. Students were challenged with the question, What can you do more as Shooting Star class? The teacher threw lots of questions that stimulate the mind of the students to think. Then we’ve come up to the idea that we can be risk-takers by using our small towels for drying our hands and brushing our teeth by ourselves. The teacher read a book about the importance of oral hygiene. Then we carried out a plaque check activity. With our mirror to look at our teeth, a strawberry flavored tooth plaque detection indicator liquid to easily detect the part where it is not cleaned in place, and a toothbrush, we got a better long-term understanding of just how important it is to take good care of our oral health. Since April, we’ve been brushing our teeth together after lunch and it was a good start for us to practice our routine. From this week, we will do it on our own and this will be a normal lifetime routine for us.

今週で最後を迎えたユニット1「Who We Are それぞれの役割は状況や構成によって異なる」。シューティングスターとして、どんなことがもっとできるか、どんなことを頑張っていきたいか、話し合いました。そこで、子どもたちと一緒に「歯ブラシを自分でしっかり磨く🦷」「手拭きタオルは大きいのではなく、小さいのものを使ってみる」ことを決めました💪✨その後、どうやったら歯がきれいに磨けるのか?普段の歯磨きはきちんと磨けているのか?確かめるために、プラークチェックのアクティビティーをしました。ピンクに染まった歯を見ながら嬉しそうにしていた子ども達👀💖「これは虫歯菌が穴をあける目印だよ」と話すと、みんな一生懸命鏡を見ながら自分の歯を磨いていました。そしてこの日から、ランチ後の歯磨きは自分達自身で行い始めました😊

As mentioned on our blog last week, students were looking forward to playing with the rainbow parachute again. We headed to the gym and we were thrilled to know that we will actually be doing a parachute performance on the Sports Festival. After the Gym lesson, the instructor honestly commented that this year’s Shooting Star class is the best in parachute performance. Can’t wait to see the actual performance.


It’s Phonics lesson! This week we learned reading the -ab word family like jab, gab, cab, tab, and lab. After introducing the concept of reading the CVC words, we did a matching worksheet activity and everyone answered it to the best that they could.


Shooting Star class was so excited to play in the water. However, due to low temperature, we couldn’t make it as we don’t want to get sick. So, instead of playing in the school pool, we headed to the park and had a blast!


Have a fantastic weekend ISN family.