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Be kind to animals (Canyon Aug.16-20)

動物に優しく サバンナ、キャニオン 8月16日-20日

CHILDREN: Teach them to be kind to animals. They will also grow up to be kind people.


It’s very important that we teach our children not just to be kind to their fellow humans but also to animals. This week in UOI, we continue to explore LOI2: How our actions affect animals. We watched a video “Be kind to animals” and Canyon students learned a lot about which human actions are good and bad for the animals.


We also discussed why those actions are good and bad for the animals and tried to think what we can do to correct those bad actions by matching them to the good actions on the wall. For example: cutting trees and planting trees, and throwing garbage in the bodies of water and cleaning up the garbage in the bodies of water.


Then, they completed a worksheet wherein they had to choose one human action on the wall and draw in the box the effect of that action to the animals or answer the question what would happen to the animals if they do the same action. They chose either good or bad. Although it was a little bit difficult for them to draw their answer, still they were able to tell me their thoughts. We want our students to learn to express their thoughts through drawing for them to prepare for the next school years.


In phonics, we focused on the letter P as in pig, panda, penguin, parrot, parachute, pan, and plant. They also practiced writing uppercase P. For math, they started to trace number 4.

フォニックスでは、pig, panda, penguin, parrot, parachute, pan, plant のように、P の文字に注目しました。また、大文字のPを書く練習もしました。算数では、4の数字の練習を始めました。

Since this week became rainy and we couldn’t play outside, we spent our time practicing for the Sports Fest and did two different crafts. So this year’s theme is the Olympics and we decided to make a Japanese flag with Olympic rings on it. I prepared the outline of the flag and rings and the students glued the chad or the hole punched papers on the drawing. The flag is red. The rings are blue, yellow, black, green, and red. Canyon students were very patient and careful in sticking the chad on the drawing to make it look like rings. Another craft is the blue turtle which was based on the book that we read “Limu”. The students cut small pieces of blue paper which they did before the holiday. They glued the paper bowl on the turtle’s body, stuck the pieces of paper on the bowl, put the googly eyes, and drew the mouth. Now they are enjoying playing with their pet Limu.


When it was not raining, we had a chance to go for a walk at the Shrine near our school. They saw many trees and crows in the mountains. I asked them some questions related to our topic in UOI and I am glad to know that they have a good understanding of our lessons.


Teacher: Where do birds live? 


Students: in the trees


Teacher: Can we cut the trees here? 


Students: No!


Teacher: Why not? What will happen to the birds when we cut the trees?


Student: Birds no house, Ms. Fronie.

子どもたち:鳥の家がないです。 Ms. Fronie.

That’s all for this week. Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!