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Good day!🌞
It has been a very special week for our little ones because we had our bus trip this week!!!🚌 Everybody was so excited to go to the park and eat their yummy lunchboxes there! While on the way to the place where we spread our picnic sheets, we also enjoyed the beauty of nature! We saw water falls, pond with big fish and small frogs, windmills made of pet bottles, and water fountain.🏞️ Our youngsters had so much fun walking around the park, running back and forth, watching the windmills spinning, and playing in the water! The water was quite cold, but our young ones loved playing around the fountain! After our tiring yet very happy adventure, we finally came to our last agenda! The looooong wait is oveeeeer!!! It’s lunch time!!!!! Our youngsters were so excited to open their obentos!🍱 They were looking forward to see their friend’s obento, too. It was our first time to ate lunch at the park that’s why we made the most out of it!💖


We would also like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all the parents for your support in our school activity— bus trip! Also, thank you for your time and effort in preparing their very cute lunchboxes.🙇🏻‍♀🙇🏻‍♂ They all look so yummmmyyyyy!!!🤩

子ども達の大好きな物がたくさん入ったお弁当は、みんなにとって最高に特別な思い出になりました。 みんなと一緒に外で食べるお弁当は格別においしかったです。別容器に入れてきていただいたデーザートを時々覗きながら、それを楽しみにほとんどの子が完食していました! とってもかわいいお弁当、ありがとうございました!!

This week, we started our lines of inquiry 3. For this new lesson, we talked about our “School Community”.🏫 We discussed what are the rooms that they can see around when they go out our Canyon class. They said, we have office, Savanna/Rainforest classroom, and Music room! To identify who the teachers are in each room, we asked some volunteers to pick the picture of the teacher in the respective room. After that, we did a school tour!!! Our first stop was in the office. The students cited the names of the teachers who are in the office such as: Ms. Rie, Ms. Chisaki, & Ms. Shizuka. We also asked them what can they see in the office. They said, a photocopying machine, big tables & chairs, fridge, and a sink. We also taught our youngsters that it’s important to knock on the door first and ask for teachers permission before they come inside.⭐

LOI3がスタートしました。″スクールコミュニティ″としてキャニオンクラスの外に目を向けてみました。「園の中には、他に何のクラスやお部屋がある?」「その部屋には誰がいる?」と問いかけ、部屋と先生たちの写真を用意し子ども達と話し合ってから、実際にスクールツアーに出掛け見に行きました。「オフィスには誰がいたかな。何があるかな?」と問いかけるとオフィスの先生の名前を言ったり、「冷蔵庫がある。」「大きな機械(コピー機)がある。」と答えてくれました。それから、「オフィスに入るは必ずノックをして『May I come in?』と言ってから入りましょう。子ども達だけでは入ってはいけません。」と約束も伝えました。

Next, we moved to Savanna/Rainforest classroom. We first asked Ms. Michelle if we can come in. Our little ones said, “May I come in?” and Ms. Michelle welcomed us to their beautiful room! Our young ones enjoyed looking at Savanna/RF’s Math activity corner. Thank you for your warm welcome, Ms. Michelle!!!🌟

サバンナ/レインフォレストのクラスでは、オフィスのツアーで習ったドアをノックして『May I come in?』を早速実践して中に入りました。キャニオンクラスとは違うオモチャや部屋の配置に何だか少し緊張気味のみんな。担任のミシェル先生がお部屋の説明をしてくれました。

After that, we moved to the next door— our Library/Savanna’s nap room. They saw lots of books but we told them the number 1 rule in the library: Be quiet.🤫 We also told them that they cannot come inside this room unless they are with their teacher/s.


We also showed them our craft room. We have a lot of stuffs in this room which teachers use in preparing for the lesson. We set the rule clear! Students are NOT ALLOWED to come inside this room.❌


Then, we went upstairs and visited our Music room.🎵 We asked them the name of their music teacher and they said, Ms. Nishimura! We also went to the neighboring empty classrooms. Everyone was so excited to see what was inside! We found some artworks like small trees made of students handprints, colorful flowers on the ceiling, and real plants! We also saw the rail train closer from that room!🌱 Wonderful!


Our teeth have an important role to play in our lives. They help us chew and digest food, they help us talk and speak clearly and they also give our face its shape. A smile also has other day-to-day benefits. It can give us greater confidence.✨
This week was Dental and Oral Health week.🦷 As marking this event, we taught and explained well to our little ones the importance of taking care and brushing their teeth properly using flashcards.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!✨