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Time Flies! Canyon/Savanna Mar. 14-18

Time flies so fast when you’re having fun! We can’t believe that we only have one week left before Canyon/Savanna class moves to the next level. In this blog, let me take you back to the memories of how our class has grown from the beginning of the school year.


We started last year in April with only 7 students, and now we have 12. We remember how each of them got so excited everytime we announced that they’re going to have a new friend. They have been so good and understanding to their new friends. They tried to help them with the flow of the routine like how to prepare for lunch or get ready for outdoor activity. They understand that at the beginning, their new friends feel shy to say “I’m here!” when checking the attendance, and other English phrases that they use daily. And they tried to cheer them up and believed that they would be able to do it. When that time happened, everyone would clap and say “Yehey, he can say it now, Ms. Fronie!”.

昨年4月にわずか7名でスタートし、今では12名となりました。新しいお友達ができることを知らせるたびに、子どもたちが大喜びしていたのを覚えています。また、新しいお友達のことをよく理解し、とてもいい子です。昼食の準備や外での活動の準備など、日常生活の流れに沿った手助けをしようとしてくれます。出欠席の確認で「I’m here!」と言ったり、普段使っている英語のフレーズも、最初は恥ずかしそうにしていることを覚えています。そして、「きっとできる」と信じて応援していました。言えた時には、「イエ~イ、フロニーさん、言えるようになったよ!」とみんなで拍手していました。

I remember when some of them were still crying in the morning and couldn’t say bye to their parents. Now, they can walk by themselves from the car to the school entrance and say goodbye to their parents with a smile on their face and greet everyone in the classroom with “Good morning!”.

朝、まだ泣いていて、親御さんにバイバイできない子もいたのを覚えています。今では、車から園の入り口まで自分で歩き、笑顔で親御さんとお別れし、教室では「 “Good morning!”」とみんなに挨拶ができるようになりましたね。

Kids naturally hate eating vegetables. In our class now, they love and enjoy eating vegetables. Before, vegetables were always left on the side of their plates and they even had to cry because they really didn’t want to eat them. We practiced them to try eating vegetables little by little until they got used to the taste of it. Now they can proudly say, “I like vegetables!”

子どもは野菜を食べるのが苦手です。今では、野菜が大好きで、喜んで食べています。以前は、野菜はいつもお皿のすみっこに置かれて、本当に食べたくないと言って泣くこともありました。そこで、少しずつ野菜を食べるように練習し、味に慣れるようにしました。今では “野菜が好き!”と胸を張って言えるようになりました。

They have become very independent individuals. They learned how to change and fold their clothes. They can fold and carry their futons after naptime. They can put away their stuff after each meal. They can get ready for outdoor activities by themselves like putting on and taking off their caps, jackets and shoes.


They have shown lots of improvement in various skills. Now, they can express themselves in English using simple sentences. They can rote count up to more than 50. They can now write numbers and letters in a proper way, and their names too.


We are so proud of all your achievements, Canyon/Savanna students! Thank you so much for your unending support and cooperation, dear parents! We really appreciate all of you!


Thank you for reading our blog and have a nice weekend!