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WE LOVE PHONICS!- Canyon June 24th-28th

Phonics double the fun of learning!

Our little ones love singing the ABC phonics song and learn alphabet letters, its sounds, and the words begin with it. It helps to improve their vocabularies through learning new English words and to explore the language.

This week we reviewed letters A-E. Our little ones enjoyed thinking of a word that begins with each letter. For our writing lesson, they traced the uppercase letter E. Before we start our writing activity, we always have them write the letter in the air altogether using their index finger so they can learn to write the letter correctly. Well done, Canyon!




Our Unit 1 is over! It has been quite a long journey for our little ones since they joined our class. To end the unit, we had our summative assessment where we interviewed the students one by one to evaluate what they have learned throughout the unit. It was overwhelming looking at them and listening to their answers. It was surprisingly amazing that nobody asked for a Japanese translation during the interview. We let them share all the things they have learned and made the interview more calm, enjoyable, and easy for our young ones. Excellent job!

「私自身」を探究するユニット1が終了しました!今年度最初のユニットが始まってから、まだ幼いCanyonさんたちにとっては長い旅でした。ユニットの最後を締めくくる総括評価では、ユニットを通して学んだことを評価するために、Ms Aizaが子ども達一人ずつにインタビューをしました。子ども達の受け答えを聞いて、圧倒されてしまいました。インタビューの間、誰も日本語の通訳を求めず質問に答えることが出来ました!今回は子どもたちに学んだことすべて話してもらい、みんなが落ち着いて、楽しく簡単にインタビューができるように配慮をしました。みんなの成長にびっくりさせられました!

Two of our youngsters turned 4 this month! They were so excited and waited for this special event, especially for their birthday party at school. Our birthday celebrants had so much fun listening to the story, singing songs, and dancing!


Canyon class loves dancing to this song.


Have a great weekend, everyone!