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Learning about 3 D shapes

In Rainforest we talked about the sports festival and how everyone showed great IB attitudes such as
good teamwork and enthusiasm. I am very proud of all the students for working so hard
before the sports festival and on the day!
Students have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes which the children
have found interesting. The children learnt about the difference between a 2
dimensional and 3 dimensional shape and what types of 3D shapes we can find in
the classroom.
The arrival of the kitten that Ms Brigette found (which Jin F and I decided to
call Gigi) was so exciting for the students. We talked again about responsibility
(one of the foci of our unit of inquiry) and why the kitten was left alone in the
park. The children watched me feed the kitten and we kept it in a box to keep it
warm. I hope Kokone’s family will show us some videos of the kitten as it grows up!