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RF plays a trust exercise

What a rainy week we have had! Rainforest began the week by playing a blindfold trust exercise
as part of our IB unit: People share responsibility in order to achieve a common purpose.
Children had to work in pairs and lead their blindfolded partner around an obstacle course,
giving them verbal directions so that they could walk towards each hoop. Many children showed
care and great teamwork although some forgot to give clear instructions and ended up falling
over in the sandpit!
On Tuesday while the children we at swimming, Akira and I had fun making a mess of the class
so that when they children returned I could see how they would work together to clean it up
quickly. Although for the first few minutes they were not happy about the mess and tried to
find out who did it, eventually they all worked together to clean it up very quickly.
On Thursday it was so wet that we couldn’t go to the Sky Park so we enjoyed having an inside
picnic, Minions obento were a popular theme.