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A short and sweet week! RF 9/24

As we concluded the Unit of Inquiry 2, the children spent some time reflecting on what they have learned in the past three months. We talked about our responsibilities and roles at home and school, what community helpers are, how to problem solve, and what teamwork is.  It felt like we had been on this subject for a year! The children have learned and grown so much in their understanding of what it means to work together, the various community helpers and how they work as a team, as well as ,obtaining the skills to help problem solve as they encounter conflicts with others. We have already witnessed so much great evidence of them utilizing what they have learned in their daily play and interactions with peers and teachers. I am constantly amazed by their actions! It is just glorious to see those connections happening on their own! I am sure the skills they have learned will continue to flourish in the days to come. This is not the end, but the beginning of their great adventure of teamwork and how each one is doing their part to achieve goals! 

Unit2の締めくくりとして、子どもたちはこの3ヶ月間で学んだことを振り返る時間を持ちました。家庭や学校での責任や役割、コミュニティヘルパーとは何か、問題解決の方法、チームワークとは何か、などについて話しました。 まるで1年前からこのテーマに取り組んでいたかのようです。子どもたちは、一緒に働くことの意味を理解し、さまざまなコミュニティ・ヘルパーと彼らがどのようにチームとして働くのかを学び、成長してきました。毎日の遊びや、クラスメートや担任とのやりとりの中で、学んだことを活用しているという素晴らしい証拠をすでに目の当たりにしています。みんなの行動にはいつも驚かされています!みんなが自分自身で遊びや日常に学びをつなげていることを見るのはとても素晴らしいことです。みんなが学んだスキルは、これからもどんどん発展していくことでしょう。これは終わりではなく、チームワークと、目標達成のために各自が自分の役割を果たすという、大いなる冒険の始まりなのです。

These days the children are learning how to decode longer words by looking for double consonants, the three letter blends, and learning the different reading strategies. We will soon be moving onto contractions, compound words, look alike words, and using chunks of words they know to decode the unfamiliar words. We will be moving into unit 3 of our phonic program, and we have witnessed children start to notice and pay attention to the words as they read and see prints around them. It is like the light bulb has turned on! 


Watch how I wrote these sentences by myself!

The children were beside themselves when they heard that they were going to make moon festival crafts! They just can’t wait to get their hands on it! The children listened attentively as Ms. Aiko explained why the moon festival is celebrated in Japan, its origin and the traditions that are related to this festival. Watch how they carefully crafted away this beautiful piece of art! Each with their own style and they were so proud of their hard work! This week we also had the university students from Melbourne, Australia joining our class via the Google Meet. The children were so excited to see them virtually! They will be observing our class in the following three weeks as they learn about our programs and how the children are learning. 

子どもたちは、お月見の工作をすると聞いて、大喜びしました。Ms Aikoが、なぜ日本ではお月見が行われるのか、その起源やお月見にまつわる伝統について説明すると、熱心に耳を傾けていました。丁寧に作品を仕上げていく様子をご覧ください。それぞれのスタイルで、自分の作品に誇りを持っていました。また、今週はオーストラリアのメルボルンから幼児教育を専攻している大学生がGoogle Meetで授業に参加してくれました。彼らにオンラインで会うと、みんなとても興奮していました。この後3週間、彼らは私たちのクラスを観察し、私たちのプログラムや子どもたちがどのように学んでいるのかを学びます。

I made a shopping bag so I can use it this weekend when I go shopping with my family.

Let’s have some fun running outside and take a walk in nature before the rain comes! The children had a blast walking to the nearby shrine to discover and catch little critters, frogs, and bugs! They saw the insects in disguise behind the green leaves, in the brown bushes, and camouflaged themselves among the pebbles and dirt. But no matter how they disguise themselves, the children were expert bug finders! They just had the skills to dig them all out! It was a great day to be hunting for bugs, frogs, and worms for sure!