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Wrapping up! RF 12/1

This week children wrapped up what they have been learning about the various celebrations. We have discussed nine celebrations in total, among them, some were live guests who came and shared about their cultures and special celebrations. Children had a chance to review all of them and decide which celebration they would like to join if they had a chance to travel to those countries. Many picked Easter from Croatia and Thanksgiving from the United States. A few picked Hanukkah from Isarale and Christmas from the Philippines. They made a personal passport for the very first time. A lot of them didn’t know what a passport is, so we took some time to discuss a bit of what a passport is and how it is used. The amazing thing is children were able to talk about what they have learned and the reason why they would like to join the celebration. We hope you also liked the Thanksgiving card that the children have made for you. 


In this week’s phonic, reading and Japanese class children put in their best effort to learn the new concepts and stories we shared. Even though it was difficult, they all tried their best and that is the most important thing. We will continue to learn the various ways to decode longer words and more complex contractions in phonic lessons. As children’s reading skills sharpens, they will also continue to focus on comprehension skills. 


It is always amazing to hear when the children come to us and say “look what I’ve made!” or “look at what we drew!” This week their creative juice is working in full swing! We absolutely love what we see when they work together during free choice time. The children continue to amaze us with their talents! 

子どもたちが担任のところに来て、”私が作ったものを見て!”とか “私たちが描いたものを見て!”と言ってくれるのを聞くと、いつも驚くばかりです。今週は、子どもたちの創造力がフルに発揮されています。私たちは、子どもたちが自由選択の時間に一緒に作業している姿を見るのがとても好きです。子どもたちの才能にはいつも驚かされます。

On rare occasions do we get to go to the park near the Shimauchi gym. The monster looking climbing structure is children’s favorite. Aside from all the climbing, they love the zip lines or making something with the abundant sand. The fun never ends!