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One month left in 2021 – RF

We cannot believe there is only one month left till we bid farewell to the year of 2021! 
As we come to the end of Unit 3 in our UOI lessons, the children reflected on what they have learned about celebration and are gearing up to prepare for the End of Unit 3 party. This week they made plans for the celebration they would like to have, they took a vote and decided on celebrating Sumikko Gurashi Day.  We talked about what is the purpose of celebrating this day, they said it was because they want to get to know the characters more. As for the traditions, they came up with making Sumikko cake and cookies, creating Sumikko characters using clay, origami, and construction papers. They suggested that this day should be celebrated by wearing something that represents Sumikko characters,decorate the school/house with Sumikko characters, and last but not least making Sumikko character lunches. We went ahead and planned the details about food and activities for the party day and the children just can’t wait for this special celebration created by all of them. 

UOIレッスンではユニット3の終わりにさしかかり、子どもたちはお祝いについて学んだことを振り返り、ユニット3の終わりのパーティーの準備をしています。今週は、自分たちがしたいお祝いの計画を立て、投票を行い、すみっコぐらしの日をお祝いすることに決めました。 この日を祝う目的について話したところ、彼らはキャラクターをもっと知りたいからだと言いました。伝統的な行事としては、すみっコぐらしのケーキやクッキーを作ること、粘土や折り紙、画用紙を使ってすみっコぐらしを作ることなどの意見が挙げられました。他には、すみっコぐらしにちなんだものを身につけたり、学校や家の中をすみっコぐらしで飾ったり、最後にはすみっコぐらしのお弁当を作ったりするといいと提案しました。子どもたちは、みんなで考えたこの特別なお祝いが待ちきれない様子でした。

This week the children had lots of chances to create something unique together during free choice time. In addition to our discussion about the Sumikko Gurashi celebration, the children made a huge house to host all their favorite Sumikko characters inside! They worked together diligently to make something so grand, they were so proud of their creations! They took initiative to use the materials we have created in our last UOI unit and worked as a team to transport items using the rubber band ring. They remembered the lesson they have learned through teamwork is to communicate with each other by listening to other teammates. They did that and they were able to successfully get the result they wanted! 


The children have graduated from the pianica lessons and moved on to preparing for their graduation performance.  It was difficult at first, especially when they not only needed to get used to using it, but also working together to create a song with the handbells. It will take some more practice until they get a hang of it for sure. But they cannot wait to present it to all their families at graduation next spring! 

ミュージックレッスンでは、子どもたちはピアニカのレッスンを卒業し、卒園式で披露するハンドベルの練習に移りました。 ベルの扱い方を覚えるだけでなく、一緒に曲を作るのはとても難しく、慣れるまではもっと練習が必要でしょう。でも、卒園式で家族の前で発表するのが今からとても楽しみだと話していました。

Some children chose to work alone during free choice by listening to stories on EPIC website, while others enjoy drawing side by side with friends, sharing their ideas of what they want to create. Yet there are some who want to spend time perfecting their flip flap booklets by adding more details during the reading time.  No matter what they chose to do, the children always know how to utilize their time and be constructive and creative at the same time. What a fun week we had! 

リーディングの時間に取り入れているEPICのウェブサイトでストーリーを聞きながら一人で作業をする子もいれば、友達と一緒に並んで絵を描き、自分の作りたいもののアイデアを共有して楽しむ子もいます。また、読書の時間には、フリップフラップブックレットを完成させようと時間を費やす子もいます。 何をするにしても、子どもたちは自分の時間を有効に使い、建設的かつ創造的になる方法を常に心得ています。とても楽しい一週間でした。