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RF learns about needs and wants

金曜日には、卒園式のリハーサルを南松本キャンパスで行いました!いつもの練習場所より広く、Aurora, Canyon, Shooting Star, Savannaのお友達に見守られ、緊張しながらも信念(principled)をもってすることができました。

This week we have been learning about what resources are needs and wants in our lives. The children drew a Venn diagram and learnt about what we really need every day to survive. We discussed whether cars, computer and smartphones are a *need or a *want.

Mitsuki said he can’t live without a smartphone he can’t play Pokemon!
I told the students I don’t have a car and I am able to survive. Miyu said that coming to school is very important so education is a need. Everyone agreed that learning to read is a need to get a better job when they grow up.