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Let’s talk about our families..SV/RF 4/22

The children were busy as can be this week! Although the cherry blossom season is behind us, the children painted and made their own for keepsakes. Each one of them decorated their tree with various designs, it was quite fascinating! Some children commented, “why are there no more cherry blossoms?” We talked briefly about how cherry blossoms and most flowers are short lived and we will have to wait for next spring to see them again. Thus, it made this season the most precious with its short lived beaty, isn’t it? 
今週も子供たちは大忙し!桜はほとんど散ってしまいましたが、SV/RFのみんなが桜を再び咲かせてくれました🌸 一人一人が色々な特徴のある木を描き、ピンクのカラーティッシューで木を飾りました。素敵な桜の木が出来上がりました👏クラスの数名が、「なんでもう桜がないの?」と言っていたので、桜を含めほとんどの花が短命であるということについて簡単にお話をしました。そして私たちはまた美しい花を見るために来年の春を待たなければならないことも話し合いました。

 We discussed family members during the UOI lesson. The children talked about who were in their families by sticking the name of each role onto the family members tally chart. Some children were a bit unclear about how to call their grandparents in English. Through the discussions and songs they begin to remember what each family member is called. The best part is when they are unsure they refer back to the family collages they have made. 
UOIのレッスンでは、引き続き家族について話し合いました。みんなは、家族の集計表にそれぞれの家族メンバーの名前(お父さん、お母さん、おじいちゃん、おばあちゃん等)を貼り付けて、自分の家族構成について話しました。数名の子どもたちは、祖父母を英語で「Grandpa Grandma」と呼ぶことについての理解がありませんでした。クラスディスカッションと歌を通して、みんなは家族メンバーの名前(Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt)を覚えました。今週のUOIのハイライトは、みんな一生懸命作った「My Family」のコラージュでした👀💖

It is not easy being 4 and 5 year olds, there is just so much to learn and remember! Whether it was practicing the fire drill by memorizing the Japanese acronyms of Ohashimoto or learning the steps when creating objects with clay. The chants and rhymes we say at morning circle time, the learner profile terms at the closing time. Whatever it may be, the children tried their best and enjoyed the process of learning. 

Music brings joy to everyone. As children continue their pianica lessons each week, they not only learn how to manipulate those black and white keys, but more so learn to appreciate music and enjoy it. 

Children love singing rhyming songs during the phonic lessons. They are an important part as children learn to manipulate sounds and blend them to make words. We have also been learning about the formation of lowercase letters. It was not easy but the children all tried their best and took pride in their hard work!