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No sweat, no gain SVRF 6/10

Whoever said it is easy being a farmer? Through this rice planting event, we grew more respectful of those who plant and prepare the food we enjoy from day to day. It is the sweat on their brows and all the hard work that brought the scrumptious rice we so love and taken for granted. Some children were a bit apprehensive about trodding their feet into the mud, while others seemed natural about it. Over the course of planting the rice and the sweet potatoes, the complaints we heard in the beginning ceased and more laughter surrounded the field. We wouldn’t say that this is the job we would do everyday, but it was certainly an amazing experience.   


The children continued their play in the Lunch Box shop by carefully making their choice of food.  While the cashier boxes their selections, they carefully count out the paper coins to pay for it. We absolutely love seeing them enjoying this play, as we know this simple play involves a lot of thinking, math, and social interaction skills, along with the artistic expression. Some of the children are already in the process of making sweets and drinks to go along with the lunch box shops. The imagination and creativity continue to evolve as the days go on. The children continue taking care of their plants as we move them outdoors since the rainy season is coming and it will be too humid for them to be indoors.  We will continue to remind the children to care for their plants by scheduling a “plant caring” time into our busy schedule! 

お弁当屋さんでは、子どもたちは引き続き、お弁当に何を入れるかを慎重に選んで遊んでいます。 レジを待っている間は、代金を支払うために慎重に紙コインを数えています。この単純な遊びの中に、思考力、計算力、社会性、そして芸術的な表現力が含まれているので、みんながこの遊びを楽しんでいる姿を見るのは本当にうれしいです。中には、お弁当と一緒に買ってもらうお菓子や飲み物を作っている子もいます。想像力と創造力は、日を追うごとに進化を続けています。これから梅雨に入り、室内にいると湿度が高くなるため、みんなの鉢植えを屋外に移動させました。 これからも、忙しいスケジュールの中で「植物の世話」の時間を設け、子どもたちに植物の世話をすることを思い出させてあげたいと思います

This week as we continue to discuss the family bonding activities in the UOI lessons, the Rainforest class child shared his final project and his family bonding survey. This concludes the rough draft of the final presentation we will host on our Open Day. We will continue to sharpen the children’s presentation skills as the day approaches. 


While we only have two more weeks remaining before we come to the end of this first quarter in our UOI learning, we took some time to reflect on our inner emotions of what makes us happy, sad, scared and what the children like or dislike when their parents do certain things together. Moving forward we will spend some time exploring some of the bonding activities the children can do with their parents at home. Please be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks. 

ユニット1の学びも残すところあと 2 週間となりましたが、私たちは、嬉しいこと、悲しい こと、怖いこと、そして、お父さん、お母さんと一緒に何をするのが好きか、嫌いかとい った自分の内なる感情について考える時間を持ちました。今後、子どもたちが家族とお家で一緒にできる絆作りのアクティビティについて、もう少し時間をかけて探究をします。後日ブログにてお伝えしますので、お楽しみに。

Rainy season means more mud play in between the wet days. This week the children enjoyed not only the park but also some mud play in our front yard. They were busy making their mud pies and cakes for the parties they wanted to have before heading back to the classroom. While some children were digging into the sand, they found a few worms and bugs crawling around the sandpit. This made a few children scream in amazement and fear! What a perfect season to be learning about the creepy crawlers! 


Storytime is always a time of going on adventures through the stories we read. The children have grown to love this time where we explore and experience places we haven’t been to or things that are out of our norm. Through the flannel chants and rhymes and group games, the children grow their phonological awareness as well as social skills. 


During our workstation activities, the children learned to utilize the math manipulatives we have made available to them. The two groups of children worked independently with Tangrams and color chips counting and writing numbers. While they manipulated the materials, they learned to think mathematically. 


Tags, balancing on the seesaws, pulling themselves up and training their muscles on the monkey bars are the children’s all time favorites! What a great way to develop their large motor skills after a long walk to the park weekly!