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So Long, Farewell RF!

So long, farewell, I hate to say goodbye. This week as we count down to the final day of kindergarten, I had to hold back my tears knowing that all journeys will come to an end someday. And that the Rainforest class will continue to be curious inquiries who are not afraid to take  risks, but remain principled and always do their best. 


The Canyon class made individual graduation gifts and presented them to the RF children. To end this semester the RF children drew pictures of their most loved activities this year. We hope that they take away these fond memories as they embark on their next adventure in elementary school. 


Before their final departure, the children helped clean the classroom by scrubbing the tables and chairs, as well as the cubbies and wiping down dust on shelves. They worked so hard and they commented, “I love cleaning! We are doing great teamwork!” They made the class sparkling clean! Thank you for leaving us with a clean classroom. 

旅立ちの前に、子どもたちはテーブルや椅子、棚を拭いたりして、教室をきれいにするお手伝いをしました。子どもたちはとても一生懸命で、「お掃除大好き!」とコメントしてくれました。「僕たちのチームワークは最高だね!」という声が聞かれ、教室はピカピカになりました。 次のお友だちのためにきれいな教室にしてくれて本当にありがとう!

On these final days as we wrapped up our last lessons, the children really had a blast getting extra playtime where they interacted with their friends for the very last time. As I have told the children, graduating from ISN kindergarten does not mean the end of their friendships. Nowadays, with the technologies we can get connected instantly with phone calls or emails. I hope they all continue their friendship for a lifetime. Although it is hard to say goodbye, I send them off with all the best wishes in their future endeavors! I love you all and hope our paths cross again!