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Cave painting was so much fun! SV/RF Nov 18

In continuation of what we have been discussing during the UOI lesson, the children learned that a long time ago when there were no papers or pencils, how the people told their stories through cave paintings. The children’s eyes were wide open in amazement when they learned that people back then had no access to writing utensils since they had not been invented!! We took a trip to our side yard to collect rocks, each one picked the perfect one for themselves and they went to work! They drew the messages they would like to tell as an imitation of cave paintings. It was interesting to see how the children expressed their thoughts on those rocks and made me wonder if that was what went through the minds of people long ago. 

Aside from the cave paintings, the children enjoyed making pancakes and finished watching the Ponyo movie. They were such great helpers and couldn’t wait to bite into the sweetness of the pancakes! Most of the children loved the pancakes except one boy expressed that he wished there was honey or syrup to go with it! 

This week we also continued to practice the winter show with the focus on working with body gestures and memorizing their lines.  During group circle time, we introduced some autumn games the children can play together, as well as brainstorming the answers to some autumn related questions. 

Playing in the park is always fun despite the chilling weather.  The children love going outside, especially climbing and zipping through the play structures. The most exciting part is playing tag games with friends getting a workout running around!