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What brings you in today? SVRF 1/20

This week the children enjoyed sharing things they like at the show-and-tell. Some were items made, some were items donated to our clinic corner, yet some are items related to community helpers. No matter the items we love hearing children take the risk to share things that matter to them. 

We finally  opened our little clinic corner in our dramatic play area! The doctors and nurses were hard at work this week. The patients anxiously seated at the waiting area waiting for their turn to see the doctor to receive the proper treatment and medication. Look at what excellent jobs they have done to help make everyone feel better! 

At the workstation, the children continue to work on the math and writing skills, as well as strengthening their phonic blending skills. This week they also made Setsubun crafts to get ready for the Setsubun event coming up soon.

This week ‘s reading lesson we continue to read the symbol and sound books. The children are getting a hang of the routine as they do the round robin reading with three friends. 

In UOI lessons, we continued to discuss and discover deeper of what each community helpers do. We also look at the buildings where these community helpers work. Using google earth application we looked at the special places in the Matsumoto area near our Shimauchi campus. 

The children enjoyed the dry winter weather both outside at the school yard and at the parks. Their favorites are all kinds of tag games. It is funny to hear them decide as a group, “Let’s play police and robber two times, then banana tag, watermelon tag, and freeze tag!” 

Here are just a few of the other things the children have been busy with this week at Savannah/Rainforest class. There is always something to challenge the children daily! 
他にも今週みんなが大忙しにしていた遊びやアクティビティがあります。ご覧ください!⏬ SV/RFクラスにはいつも子どもたちが挑戦できることがたくさんあります!