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Snow!! We love playing in the snow! SVRF 1/27

During the mid-week we braced ourselves for the big snow storm that iced the streets. Although the snow didn’t pile up high enough to make a snowman, luckily we got some “shaved ice” out in the yard to play the snow fight. Just look at what a blast the children had that afternoon. 

Who’s ready to cast away the bad spirit and welcome in blessings for this year?! The children made Oni masks and vests to get ready for the Setsubun event next week. These masks turned out to be a masterpiece! The children cannot wait to wear them when they throw the “beans” at the Oni! 

The children started practicing jumping over the vaulting box in the gym lesson. Learning to jump at the right timing is not easy, let alone remembering to split their legs wide! Nonetheless the children really enjoyed this new challenge and were willing to give it a shot. We know they will be able to master this skill as they get more practice. 

We went on our neighborhood walk to check out the community buildings near the school. We found the postal office, construction sites, and the hospital. The children were into being policemen and playing the police and robber game. They brainstormed together and decorated the jail, while some children made handcuffs and keys for the prison guard. They also made their own police hats, as well as nurse and firefighter hats.  It is an imagination explosion as they invent new things daily! 

The children moved on from Symbol and Sound reading books to the High Frequency books this week. They were introduced to the blends and digraphs in the phonic lesson. Working independently, they try to spot the digraphs and blends as they decode the words during the read and reveal game. 

Here are this week’s free play snap shots as well as the show and tell from our friends.