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What do mailmen do all day? SVRF 3/3

When it comes to the mailmen the children have less of an idea of the job they do and how they help our community. The walking trip to the local post office shed some new light to what the mailmen do aside from delivering mails. It was interesting to learn that mails need stamps (kite) and they have different prices. The children learned that the mailmen use scales to weigh packages in order to determine the prices. The mailman patiently explained and answered the children’s questions and gave each one a gift! Thank you Shimauchi Post Office for your kindness and welcomed us in. The children drew pictures of their favorite things at the post office.

Another highlight of this week is the Hinamatsuri. Some families that don’t have girls in the house, have never heard of how this event is celebrated in Japan. They heard explanations from the teacher, as well as watched a short clip about the Hinamatsuri celebration. The origin of the celebration, the festive food eaten on the day, made the paper version of emperor and empress of the Hina Dolls. 

Reading and phonic lessons are getting more challenging since the lines and words have increased. The children’s ability to decode the words by blending the sounds is maturing. We are happy they are enjoying reading and learning the vowel digraphs. 

The children were busy during the UOI lesson since it is coming to the end of the unit. This time for the ending project, they are working as a team to create a community with buildings where the community workers work. Each person is in charge of a certain kind of building and they get to work! They will be putting the community together afterwards and have fun playing in it with the community helpers puppets. 

The children are enjoying their free time either making projects, or role playing and pretend they are watching a movie while eating “toy popcorn”. They loved the time we have playing and roaming in the yard.