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Rainforest (July 16th -19th)

This has been a busy week in the classroom. The students worked together this week to start their end of unit project. They began creating their Japanese culture lapbook. We also continued to practice using the IB principles in class to be better people.
今週はとても忙しい週でした。Unit2の最後の週なので、日本文化についてのLapbookを作るプロジェクトを始めました。IBの各Learner Profileについてもクラスで毎日話し合いをしています。
In phonics this week, we looked at word endings and how to say the different words. We looked at the 3 sounds of “-ed” words as well as the “tricky” y words and the sounds these words make. We practiced reading books that had the -ed endings in them. When we found an “-ed” word, the students had to say which group of “-ed” words it belonged. We also played matching game to practice the y words. It was a fun time learning these words.
In UOI this week, we began making our Japanese culture lapbook over the different elements of culture that was apart of this unit. The students each day reviewed the different part of culture for that day and made the page for the unit with the craft for that page. The students then wrote information they wanted about the subjects on the page.

At gym this week, the students continued practicing their dance and getting better at performing the steps. In class, to prepare as well, we are practicing in the morning. At school, the students had fun in the pool playing with each other and using as much English as they can.

Thank you,
Scott Combs