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Learning about history

Rainforest class has been learning about timelines for our new unit of inquiry “the history of its community and country and how it shapes its culture”. We talked about the words ‘past, present and future’.
Children were asked to think about when they were born {past} and when they were a baby they could not walk or talk but now they can {present}. I used the example of my sister being pregnant, then she gave birth to her baby daughter Anouk and now her baby is 1 year old.
Then I asked students to think about the future and what job they would like to do when they grow up.
The elementary students invited RF and MW to help count their pet bottle lids after Mr Lance climbed the ladder and created the waterfall effect. The students loved the sound of the lids crashing on the concrete and sorting the lids into bags of 100. Ms Brigette invited Miyu and Ouka to help add the large numbers of ten thousands and thousands. They tried very hard and with a little help from me they worked it out.