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Into the unknown! – Savanna 4/3 ~ 4/7

Risk-takers we are: the new Savanna class is all set in venturing to the new chapter of their preschool life!



Like the Savanna in real life, their journey as a student is vast and wild, everything can’t be promised to be a walk in the park. They will learn new stuff, discover many things, and make tons of questions, they could get scared, and some may fall and shed tears, but all of these will be part of their growth and development.


We are all looking forward to seeing them satisfy their curiosity and overcome the challenges they will be facing. We, the teachers, will be like the stars above to light their path so they can see their way and finish the maze with flying colors.


This week has been nothing but fun for all of us. All we did was get to know each other and get used to our new routines and discover new words and terms!


The first days of the week were warm: we had blue clear skies and fair temperatures, it was lovely! We took this opportunity to go to the park and have fun! Students ran and explored the park, jumped, and climbed the bars, We also sat under cherry blossom trees and have our pictures taken. Taking our first group picture was indeed unforgettable!



Next week will start the start of our new adventure, we are all excited to make our first step into it and discover many things in the unknown!

Have a wonderful weekend!