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Savanna: Our jobs are the same, different in school and at home? June 17-21

Are our jobs in school different from our jobs at home? Can they be the same? After meals, do you wipe the tables in school? Do you wipe the tables at home? These initial questions were posed to the class. Putting on our inquiry hats, we looked around the classroom and our IB Wall for clues. We also sorted out picture cards about jobs we think we do At Home and In School.


Some questions and interesting comments arose: I help wash the car at home but not in school. Maybe we can wash the school bus?? I help to cook at home but we don’t cook in school. I know, we can bring things to school to cook… eggs! Part of the IB inquiry process is to extend our thinking “Going Further: engage further and dive deeper”. For early years, we support this inquiry with visual aids and relevant experiences. Good start, Savanna!

とても面白い質問がありました。「おうちでは車を洗うお手伝いをするけど、スクールではやらないよ」「けど、スクールバスならできるんじゃない?」「家ではお料理のお手伝いするけど、サバンナではした事ないね。」「そうだ!卵とか何かお料理できるのを持ってくればいいよ。」IBの探究プロセスでは、「Going Further:さらに深く掘り下げる」という項目があります。お子様が小さいうちは、視覚教材やいろんな体験を通じて探究をサポートします。サバンナさん、とても良いスタートを切りました!

MUD PLAY! Savanna: Oh it is soft. It is sandy. It is hard! Look, I made dango. Through play, children gain vocabulary and knowledge: soil + water = MUD! We had great fun too just messing about in the oozy mud. “You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it. You have to go through it. Squelch squerch!” so goes the lines from the popular story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Yes, do add literary knowledge to our play please.

待ちに待った泥遊びをしました。サバンナさんは、「泥って柔らかいね。」「砂みたいだよ。」「固い!」「見て!お団子できたよ。」遊びを通して、子どもたちはたくさんの言葉と知識を身につけています。土と水が一緒になると泥になると知る事ができました。「泥の上には行けないし、泥の下にも行けない。泥の中を通るんだ。スクルーチ・スクルーチ!」こちらは、大人気の童話『We’re Going on a Bear Hunt』のセリフです。有名な童話に親しみながら遊んでいるサバンナさんです。

This week, our exploration on foot brought us to a lavender park and a shrine! We stopped and smelled the beautifully scented lavender. “Bees, bees!” Savanna screamed. Well, of course, to the bees these are lovely nectar food. Bees are part of nature! You just have to be careful and don’t put your noses to the beeeeees!


We have been learning a new goodbye song “See You Later, Alligator”. Please see Youtube link below. Savanna enjoys the chant and repetition. We sing the song in double time as well as in slow motion, hilarious laughters we had! Please tweak the playback speed. Have fun! Till next week, too-da-loo Kangaroo!

今週から “See You Later, Alligator “という新しい歌で、さよならをしていますが、サバンナさんはこの歌が大好きで、ゆっくりダブルタイムで歌ったりと色んな方法で歌っては大笑いしています。下のリンクをご覧になり、ぜひ一緒に楽しんでみてください。それではまた来週お会いしましょう!