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Savanna: Unit 1 “It’s a Wrap!” June 24-28

Firstly, a big shout-out to our June Birthday Boy! Happy 5th Birthday. May all your wishes come true!


We have come to a close for Unit 1 Who We Are – our roles in school and at home. It’s a wrap! It was fruitful inquiry for Savanna students as we started the new school year. We learned about our roles and responsibilities. We discovered more about ourselves and one another. We shared about our families too. Our reflection: I liked the game “Who is Missing”. Learning numbers and letter songs were fun. I was happy because Mummy and Daddy here for Open Day. I like drawing my friends. The bus trip we had dinosaur hunt. I liked the bento lunch. I like drawing Mummy. Mini book (We Are Family) is good.

To beat the heat, we had water play at the park and mud play in the schoolyard!

ユニット1「私たちは何者か-学校と家庭での役割-」が終了します。新学期を迎えた子ども達には、とても実りのある探究だったと思います。サバンナさんは、自分の役割と責任について学び、自分自身について、そしてお互いについて、より多くのことを発見し、家族についてもシェアしました。子どもたちからは、ミッシングゲーム(いないのは誰?)が面白かった!数の勉強や文字の歌が楽しかった。オープンデーにパパとママが来てくれて嬉しかったな。友だちの絵を描くのが大好き。バス旅行で恐竜探しをしたよね。お弁当が好き!ママの絵を描くのが好きなんだ。ミニ絵本(We Are Family)が良かった。など、たくさんの意見がありましたよ。


To celebrate Tanabata or Star Festival, Savannah made lanterns. We will write down our wishes and hang them on our ISN bamboo tree. We re-enacted the story of Tanabata too! The story of Princess Orihime, her father the King and Cow Herder Hikoboshi was dramatised with much fun and laughter! We followed this version of the story, please see video below “Tanabata Story”. We learned Tanabata songs too.


Traditional Song
Action Song

Thank you dear Parents and families for your wonderful support. We look forward to learning together in the next unit. Till next week, have a lovely weekend!