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HOW DO CHICKEN LAY EGGS? Canyon Sep 20th-22nd

Hi everyone!✨
It was a very short week with a small group of kids in our class… But it doesn’t stop us from doing fun-learning activities!
In our UOI lesson, we are still learning the ways how animals help humans and this week, we focused on the foods we get from the chicken. First, we showed them how do chicken lay eggs through this DIY nesting box and chicken.🐔 After they get the egg, we played “egg relay” where they put the egg on the spoon and slowly walked through the obtacles without dropping it, then asked the teachers to cook something for them such as: sunny side up, boiled egg, egg roll, and scrambled egg.🥚 They had so much fun doing this activity! Thank you for sharing your food!🍽️


It feels good to be back and play at the park after a long time!🤩 It was a perfect weather to have fun and enjoy the view around it…🌞
Here’s a glimpse of how our little ones liked the big playing structure and run around the wide field!🏃🏻‍♀🏃🏻‍♂


Here are our this week’s best students…👑
Thinker means we solve our problems and caring means we are kind.✨ It was so heart-warming to see our young ones applying what they have learned from our everyday lesson! It feels rewarding how they help each other, how they think about themselves, and do the right thing without their teacher’s instructions.😍 Well done! Keep it up!⭐


Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!🌻