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Let’s Play Dress Up- Shooting Star- October 11-14


Shooting Star class has got something new in our play area which everyone loved. Yes, we added different costumes for our mini Theater corner and and puppets for our Puppet Theater to put in more fun during free play time.

For our Unit of Inquiry, we read and watched different kinds of stories like, Kamishibai (Urashimatarou), The Enormous Turnip, and The Little Red Riding Hood. Then we talked about the setting of each story and did a matching activity. Shooting Star class got a clear understanding of what a setting means in a story. Last but not the least, we watched The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats on youtube and we discussed the materials that we need to make props for the setting. Shooting Star class suggested to make a house and a clock and everyone got involved making them.

We learned the digraph ”wh”, two letters that make one sound and students gave examples of words that have wh sound and wrote them down on the white board.

Halloween is fast approaching and everyone is looking forward for the said event where they can wear their favorite costumes. We made a vampire craft to be used for the decoration of our venue.

What’s more? We got lots of fun playing outside to keep us alive, awake, and enthusiastic as we put to an end our nap time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.