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Our Mini Theater-Shooting Star-October 17-21

Hello everyone,

Our days in Shooting Star are getting more enjoyable and memorable each day. We have lots of fun on every activities we do, both inside and outside.

✅ Unit of Inquiry

We read again the story, The Wolf and the Five Little Goats and we focused on the plot of the story. Teachers prepared photos of scenes and asked students put them in the correct order. Then Shooting Star class answered the worksheet individually by matching the number to the scenes of the story. Moreover, Ms. Marlyn introduced one Tagalog Fairy Tale entitled “Ang Langgam At Ang Tipaklong” in English, The Ant and the Grasshoper”. It tells the classic story of the industrious ant and the carefree grasshopper. It teaches the moral of hard work, kindness, and generosity. Shooting Star class learned Tagalog words, langgam (ant) and tipaklong (grasshopper) and they tried to remember them. Finally, the characters for The Wolf and the Five Little Goats had been announced to Shooting Class and we have been practicing for the Christmas Show.
また、MS.Marlynが「Ang Langgam At Ang Tipaklong」というタガログ語の童話を紹介してくれました!(英語では「The Ant and the Grasshoper」)

✅ Mini Theater

We are having fun on our mini theater. We put on the costumes we like and we take turn for others to wear them as well. We make our own story and we try to converse in English. It feels like we are having a party every time we utilize our play area.