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Hello everyone!!!🌞
It was indeed an awesome week for Canyon class! We had a great time picnicking at the park and do different activities such as: playing with the ball and on the big playing structure, collecting acorns and autumn leaves, sliding and rolling down the hill. Our youngsters were absolutely delighted about our bus trip!🤩


To all the parents, thank you for always preparing and making a very cute and delicious obento box for these little ones!🍱 Their sweet smiles say it all…Your time and effort are greatly appreciated!🥰


Halloween is just around the corner!🎃
Everybody is so excited for the halloween party next week! They couldn’t help it but to reveal their costumes. As part of the preparation for our upcoming event, we made some halloween decorations such as: ghost and monster crafts.👻😈 Our young ones enjoyed choosing the parts they want for the crafts, cutting and decorating it. Well done!✨


In our UOI lesson, we reviewed the different feelings and emotions and we had a presentation about “What Feelings Live Inside Your House?” Our youngsters shared what they usually feel when they are at home and the reasons behind those feelings. It was good to know how they feel when they are at home. Thanks for sharing!😊

UOIのレッスンでは、様々な気持ちや感情について復習し、おうちで取り組んでいただいたワークシート”What Feelings Live Inside Your House? “の発表を行いました。普段家にいるときに何を感じているのか、その感情になる理由を話してくれました。子ども達が家にいるとき、どんな出来事をどのように感じているのかを知ることができてとても良かったです。

This week, two new friends were added to our growing family… Welcome to Canyon class, twins!👬 We are so happy to have you in our class and to sing, dance and play with the two of you!😍


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!🌻