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Celebrations Around the World! – Milky Way 11/14 – 11/18

“What are you thankful for?”

For UOI this week, we talked about what we are thankful for as we learned about THANKSGIVING, a celebration widely celebrated in America! Mr. Chris, our guest speaker from America, delighted us with lots of information about this holiday; He taught us the history of Thanksgiving, the costumes, the food, the music, and much more. He also showed us some of his pictures taken during this event and shared his experiences.



For our craft, we made thanksgiving cards that we will give to our loved ones on Thanksgiving day, this way we will be able to express our gratitude and appreciation toward them.


We also discussed a similar event from Brazil, Festa Junina. Festa Junina is a celebration of the New Harvest Season, it is the second biggest celebration in Brazil that is held every year in June. Boys would wear farmer’s clothes and straw hats, while girls would wear pigtails and freckles. They will dance all day long and wish to have a good harvest in the coming days.


This week has been a memorable one for our class because we got the chance to experience Christmas Caroling, a custom that is very popular in the Philippines, where kids would go house to house and sing Christmas carols. We were all shy but still gave our best to give our audience a wonderful time.

そして今週は、以前から練習していたキャロルを行いました!キャロルとは、子ども達が近所の家々を回ってクリスマスキャロルを歌う、フィリピンのクリスマスでとてもポピュラーな習慣です。AuroraクラスとShooting Starクラスに行って、自分たちで作ったマラカスを使いながら歌ってきました。みんな最初は恥ずかしがっていましたが、それでも自分達より少し小さなお友達に楽しい時間をプレゼントするために頑張っていました😊クリスマスキャロルが体験でき、とても楽しい思い出となりました✨

Despite our busy schedule, blissful things and blessings are upon us, It’s always good to reflect and be thankful for these simple things.


Have a great weekend!