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“Our Persimmon Picking Experience” November 21-25


We are doing different things everyday in Shooting Star Class. This week, we started our day with persimmon picking at the Tokyo Interior Park. It was a memorable experience walking to the park with Milky Way. As soon as we got to the park, we lined up with our plastic bag and waited patiently for our turn to get two persimmons to be taken at home. Once we got our persimmons, we sincerely thanked the owner and we played in the park together. It was indeed a wonderful day for all of us.


For our UOI, we talked about different ways of telling stories and this week, we discussed about way of telling a story through theatre. When Shooting Star students were asked how telling a story through theater works, they said by using body gestures and movements, by using props, by using sounds and music, and by using curtains and lighting. Their ideas came up after watching the Pinocchio theater show. Hats off Shooting Star class for your great ideas.