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Diversity – Milky Way 11/28 – 12/3

It is finally December, another year is about to come to a conclusion. All of ISN campuses are now busy preparing for the biggest event of the school, The Christmas Show!


As the year is nearing its end so is our third unit of inquiry. We wrapped up the talks using a big word, DIVERSITY. During the discussion about Notting Hill Carnival, lots of colorful costumes and vibrant props were shown in the presentation: This bright stuff represents the uniqueness of each individual’s ethnicity, race, and culture. We discovered that despite having a variety of beliefs and looks, it is possible to be one, and being different is okay!


We made Mascaras to send the message to the world that like the people who celebrate Notting Hill Carnival, We also agree and join them in promoting Diversity!


We keep on moving on and enjoying Phonics more!


We have been learning about diphthongs these days, We learned that diphthongs are team vowels that when pronouncing their sound, make your mouth move or glide! To really see if this is true, we look at each other as we pronounce some words with diphthongs /oi, oy/ – /ow, ou/ – /aw,au/; We will be doing more of these as we learn the rest of the vowel team.

最近は二重母音について学んでいます。二重母音とは、発音するときに口を動かしたり、滑らせたりする母音の組み合わせだと学びました!これが本当かどうか確かめるために、 友達と向き合って/oi, oy/ – /ow, ou/ – /aw,au/ の単語を発音してみました。残りの組み合わせもこれから学んでいきます。

Before we end this week, we got to experience watching a real puppet show!


The entire ISN Minami Campus gathered together, sat, and relaxed as we let ourselves be entertained by the story of an old man and a raccoon! The show was a success and the kids had so much fun!


Christmas Show is around the corner, we are all working together and giving our best to practice and make this even an unforgettable one. We are looking forward to seeing our loved ones at the show!


Have a good weekend!