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The wolf and the five little goats-Shooting Star-December 12-16

Hello Everyone,

Finally! The most awaited event has taken place after months of practice. Yes, it’s Christmas Show and it’s time for us to perform on stage. We delivered our lines with a clear and big voice, we danced with a big action, we sang happily, we listened to our friends’ line and we waited for our turn before we said ours because we want the audience to hear us. And most of all, we had fun while we performed. We are awesome! Our Jingle Bells pianica performance was wonderful, too. We listened carefully to the the piano and we tried to play our pianica with the same notes. That was a memorable Christmas Show for all of us! And Santa? We didn’t know that he would come to surprise us, but yes! He did come with a present for everyone. To all our parents, thank you so much for coming to our Christmas Show.

We learned the digraph “ai” long A sound, and with our play dough we formed the words like paint, hair, tail, train, and we began reading them.
フォニックスでは二重子音の”ai”の音を学び、粘土を使って”ai”の含まれる単語(paint, hair, tail, train)をつくり、みんなで読みました!

For our UOI, we’re done making our own book. We have the title, the characters, the setting, and the plot. Yes, we are the author of our own book, and before it went to the exhibition, we read it in front of Shooting Star class. Making our own book was fun because it inspired our creativity, it linked to our interest, and it provided a sense of achievement for us.

Have a great weekend everyone!