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Looking Back and Leading Forward in 2023-Shooting Star-December 19th-23rd

Hello Everyone,

We have finally reached to the last week of our school days in 2022. Looking back, the worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus has considerably affected our everyday lives. Although children accounted for only a small proportion of the infected population and they likely showed less severe symptoms compared to adults, children seem to be vulnerable to sudden changes in their physical and social environment: their health-related behaviors such as physical activities, sleep patterns, eating habits, and psychological responses have been negatively influenced by the pandemic closures and there were days when the teachers offered online classes to students to keep advancing learning. Not only teachers got affected by the sudden changes, but parents as well. The pandemic showed that innovation and collaboration can arise out of hardship. Despite the added challenges of the pandemic, it is imperative for education to continue. We are still thankful for 2022 for the important lessons it teaches us.


As we get to the end of unit 3, “How We Express Ourselves ” Students have one on one interview with the teacher as part of reflection. They gave remarkable answers that proved how much knowledge they’ve gained from this unit. After the interview, it’s now time to play, have fun, and relax. We played hot potato, musical chair, fruit basket, and potato sack race. These games gave us the opportunity to develop our emotional strength and resilience too. We learned to accept our defeat and celebrate one’s victory.

ユニット3「How We Express Ourselves」の振り返りの一環として、Unit3について先生と1対1のインタビューを行いました!このユニットで得た知識の多さを証明するかのような、素晴らしい答えが返ってきました✨

Earthquake drill was conducted in each class without the prior knowledge of students. They were busy playing in the morning when suddenly the bell rang. Upon hearing the earthquake drill announcement, students rushed and hid under the table. When the earthquake stopped, we put on our blue hood and lined up quietly. Teachers talked the important things to remember when a real earthquake occurred.


We learned the digraph “ay” which say the long A sound. Students had their practice writing board and wrote down the words that the teacher said by sounding the letters. Then, we read the words altogether. Congratulations to our little readers!

We got our medal for doing a great job for the Christmas Show. It was the best Christmas Show Performance that we would always treasure for the rest of our lives.

It’s almost Christmas and it’s a perfect time to make a Christmas card for our parents.
And before we go for our winter vacation, we cleaned our tables and lockers. Then we got our school stuff ready to be taken home as we are on the last day of school for this year.

Have a happy holidays everyone. Enjoy your winter vacation.