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Collaboration! -Milky Way 2/13 – 2/17

IB is not just about Independent learning and continuous stimulation of students’ curiosity, It is also about collaboration!


This week was extra fun for the Milky Way class, for the reason that we were able to interact with different people to share our experiences and learn with them.


For Phonics, we reviewed The Rhyming Words. The activity was made extraordinary because some of the students from the Shooting Star Class joined us in our learning, they seemed nervous but risk-takers at the same time willingly joined our game and tried to solve the puzzle and win! We will never forget this collaboration!

フォニックスレッスンでは、The Rhyming Wordsの復習をしました。シューティングスタークラスのお友達も参加してくれたので、楽しいアクティビティになりました。 シューティングさんは、緊張しながらも積極的にゲームに参加してくれました。また一つ、素敵な思い出ができました✨

Another collaboration happened outside our campus. This week, we paid a visit to Tsukama Elementary school. There, we were warmly welcomed by the friendly students, and introduced us to their special friends: Happy and Ai. We all had fun hanging out with them and making memories with our newfound playmates.


Another memorable event that happened this week was the open-school day: Our parents did not just come to our school to observe but also to participate in our activities.


As part of our UOI activity, we invited them to join us in our clean-up drive mission; As we talk about ways of creating a sustainable community, we decided that it’s a big help to the earth if we walked around the community and picked up some garbage. Our loving parents helped us to make this happen. It was very successful, we found lots of different garbage as we stroll the closed-by streets! This experience is truly an unforgettable one for our class and our school!


We have never thought that collaboration could be super fun, We look forward to doing this again in the near future!


See you all in the next blog!


Let’s continue to be green and save the earth!