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Trip to the Cleaning Center – Milky Way 2/28 – 3/3

There is always a time for everything, and this week, our time to go to the city’s Cleaning Center happened!


We were all have been waiting for this moment: To see in person how our garbage is being managed and treated after being taken from our homes. It was amazing to see our city’s waste recycled and going to the right place. We have been more inspired to save the earth.


Our reading for this week was a lot of fun, 3 of our friends brought their favorite books to school and proudly read them to the class. We talked about the stories’ plots and sequences and discussed what lessons we learned from them.


We celebrated Hina Matsuri this week by making a craft! First, the students sang a song about the festival, and we all had fun singing them over and over as we make the craft. We practiced cutting papers, folding, mixing, and matching colors. Then, we put everything together till we come up with a prince and a princess in a bag.


Our last unit is almost done, but before we jump on to our Summative Assessment, we first did some role play in the class about how can we save the earth. The scenarios and ways that the students have come up with showed that they have a clear understanding of how can we achieve a sustainable community.


We are almost at the finish line of this race, we hope that you’ll keep on tagging along until the end!


Have a blessed weekend!