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School pool kicks off-Shooting Star-June 26-30

園庭での水遊びがスタートします Shooting Starクラス 6月26日から30日より



There’s no better way to beat summer’s sizzle than in the pool! This week, ISN Minami set up the big and small pools at the schoolyard where students can enjoy playing in the water and stay cool as the heatwave is here and it gets hotter everyday. Shooting Star got so excited as we began playing in the water. There’s a lot of excitement and splashing as we got in the pool which is knee deep in water. We had so much fun as we built our social skills and as we learned through play.

夏の暑さにはプールほど良いものはないです!今週、ISN南松本キャンパスは、暑くなってきたので子ども達が水遊びをして涼しく過ごせるように、大きなもの、小さなプールをを園庭に設置しました。Shooting Starクラスの子ども達は水遊びを始めて大喜びでした。みんなプールに入ったら嬉しくて、水しぶきを上げ、水の中へ膝を付けたりしました。社交性を高めながら楽しい時間を過ごし、遊びを通して学びました。

Before this month is going to end, we conducted an Earthquake Drill in the class and teachers would like to say, Kudos to Shooting Star class for remembering well the acronym O-HA-SHI-MO which is very important to keep in mind when the real earthquake occurs. On top of that, it’s very important not to get panic. Shooting Star was praised with their actions in hiding under the table and lining up nicely with their emergency hat. Keep it up!

6月が終わる前に、教室で地震の避難訓練をしました。先生たちはShooting Starクラスの子ども達を褒めてあげたいと思います。それは頭文字の”おはしも”をしっかり覚えていたからです。これは実際の地震が起こった時に非常に重要になります。shooting Starクラスの子ども達は避難訓練においてテーブルの下に隠れ並び、防災好きを被るという行動が素晴らしいかったです。頑張ったね!

We also had a Birthday Party. Thank you to Ms. Emi for showing up as Aladdin and Ms. Marlyn as princess Jasmine. ISN members were so surprised when Ms. Emi started to sing, I can show you the world and was asking the crowd if they see princess Jasmine and at the chorus part, Hurray! princess Jasmine appeared and sang, A Whole New World with the crowd. Thank you so much Ms. Shizuka for playing the piano. Awesome teamwork!


This week, we were preparing for unit 2. We transformed our classroom into something green in preparation for Sharing The Planet unit of inquiry. We brought some insects, magnifying glass and we created a space for research area where everyone can freely discover and learn by themselves. We will be talking more about unit on our next blog.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.