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Sportsmanship! Milky Way Sept.11-15

“Be kind if you win and if you lose tell the other team that it was a good game!”


Sportsmanship is behaviour and attitudes that show respect for the rules of a game and for the other players. The team also won praise for sportsmanship and fair play. This week we focused on learning how to be a good sport. We did good or bad sport sorting activity during our IB time. We played some games and discussed and reflected on how we played. After this, Milky Way tried to show good sportsmanship when we were playing a game. They tried to smile at their friends even if they didn’t win. Say “good job or good game” to both teams. I know it’s kind a hard to accept that we lose the game and we feel sad, but it’s important to know that winning isn’t everything. It’s always about having fun and learning from the experience.

スポーツマンシップとは、試合のルールや他の選手に対する敬意を示す行動や態度のことです。チームとしてもまた、スポーツマンシップとフェアプレーを賞賛されます。今週は、スポーツマンシップに焦点を当てて探究しました。IBタイムには、スポーツマンシップを分類するアクティビティを行ったり、いくつかのゲームを行い、どのようにプレーしたかを話し合って振り返りました。すると、その後のゲームでは、良いスポーツマンシップを示そうとする姿が見られるようになりました。ゲームに負けたときでも、泣くのではなく友だちに笑顔を向けていたり、両チームに「Good job、Good game」と声をかけたり。試合に負けて悲しい気持ちになるのは当然であり、悔しいことだけれど、勝つことがすべてではないということを知ることが大切です。常に楽しみ、経験から学ぶことが大切ですね☺

September 18th will be a national holiday in Japan. This national holiday is meant to honour all elderly citizens of the country for their many contributions to family and society throughout their long lives. It’s called Respect for the Aged. Our class created a simple present for their grandparents which is a bookmark. It has their picture on it and a short message to express their gratitude and love to their grandparents. We hope you like it!


In our Phonics lesson, we continued to practice reading words with digraph /ea/ by playing “I have… Who has” card game. I gave them 1 minute to review the words written on their cards, so that we can play it smoothly and they are already aware of what they have to say. Everyone did a great job in listening to their friends and reading the digraph words. We also created simple sentences using the words bread, heavy, and read. They copied the sentences from the board by writing them in their notebook. So far, Milky Way students have improved their writing skills. They are now more careful when writing the letters on the line. Well done!

フォニックスレッスンでは、「I have… Who has」ゲームを通して、/ea/を含む単語を読む練習を続けました。最初の1分でカードに書かれた単語を確認して、スムーズにゲームが進むようにしました。みんな友だちの話をよく聞いて、次々に単語を読むことができました!また、bread、heavy、readという単語を使って簡単な文を作って、ノートに書き写すライティングの練習をしました。以前に比べてみんなとても上手に書けるようになってきました。文字を書くとき、4本の線のどこに書くのか、より注意深く書くようになりました。みんなよく頑張っていますね!

As part of our UOI lesson, Milky Way evaluated or assessed how they show teamwork during our practices by completing the Teamwork reflection paper. They have three choices to reflect on each item such as 🙂😐🙁. We reminded them that it’s very important to be honest with their reflection because they should know which area they need to improve or work on.


We only have one week left before our Sports Festival day, so please take care of yourselves, especially our children, so that everybody will be able to attend our very important event. We are excited to see you there! Have a wonderful weekend!