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Structure of a Plant: Rainforest 06/24 – 06/28

What a wonderful world!

The Rainforest class has been digging deeper and trying to get more information about the unit. This week, we inquired about the different parts of a plant and its function. Each student couldn’t help but be amazed at how the world works around them.

We have learned that roots have two jobs: First is absorbing water and distributing it to the rest of the plants and second is to hold the plants firm. The experiment using celery, sipping the colored water, and causing the change of color of the leaves proved this theory correct. It was just amazing to see how students discover more works of nature.

To immerse ourselves in the inquiry about leaves, the whole class headed outdoors and observed how leaves differ from one another. Some of the observations were: Leaves have lines; Some leaves are small, while others are big. Some leaves have thorns, while the other have thorns on them. Leaves feel thick.


「根」には2つの仕事があることを学びました: 一つは水を吸収して植物の他の部分に分配する事。もう一つは植物をしっかりと支えることです。セロリを使い、色のついた水につけ葉の色を変える実験は、この理論が正しい事が証明されました。子ども達は、実際に自然の働きについて目の前で発見する事ができ、驚きの連続でした。

「葉」についての探究を深めるため、屋外に出て、それぞれの葉がどう違うのかを観察しました。観察の結果: 葉には線がある。小さい葉もあれば大きい葉もある、とげがあったりなかったり、厚さがある葉もある事を発見をしました。

Back in the classroom, using our resources, we learned that leaves are the food factory of plants: the analogy of how oxygen becomes carbon dioxide makes the class giggle and understand more about how the leaves generate food for the plant. We asked ourselves the question: what do living things need to survive? We reviewed the answer and compared if these are the same things a plant needs to survive.

The search for stomata was another experience, this experiment helped us prove that there are really small pores on the leaves which help the plants breathe and make food.



Our guest teachers were so amazing. We had the chance to mingle with them and learn more about them and the country they are from. Ms. Aida from Finland shared about the famous Aurora Borealis, which made the students curious and ask: Why is the light green? Where is it from? Ms. Aida helped them find out the answer and shared more personal experiences about it.


Ms. Rosa from Gojo also visited us this week. She observed how we did our inquiry and was very happy to see how knowledgeable the Rainforest students were.


July is around the corner which means water play is coming too! We look forward to getting wet, having fun, and appreciating What a Wonderful World we have.


This is the video we learn about the leaves. Why don’t you enjoy watching it.