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Our family role interview with our mommies-May 27th-31st

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our last blog for the month of May!

In the morning, after the workstation, Shooting Star class can choose what they want to explore to encourage their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. This week, our inquiry-based learners have actively engaged in whatever they are most interested in. Obviously, some students enjoyed playing with legos and cars, while others enjoyed doing role play about our unit of inquiry which is family roles. In doing so, students go beyond their natural curiosity and think outside the box to reach the solution to their problem, making learning more fun.


For our UOI, we are still exploring further on our first unit with our theme, Who We Are and our central idea, The roles are different depending on its location and structure. We focused on our second line of inquiry, Each family has different individual roles. We did a survey of mommy’s roles through the interview sheet. The teachers asked the question like, Does your mommy cook? Then, students looked at the interview sheet and if the answer is YES, they lined up in front of Ms. Marlyn and if NO, they lined up in front of Ms. Rieko. Then, everyone got the sticker and stuck it on the yes or no chart. We found out that there are roles that not all moms do and from there we concluded that the roles are different depending on its location and structure.

UOIでは、インタビューをもとに、家族の役割に注目。今回は「お母さん」✨家でどんな役割をしているのか、Yes, Noに分かれて並び、表を作成しました。全員が全員同じ役割を担っていないことを知りました。

For our phonics, we learned the concept of reading CVC words and this week we focused on reading the -am word families like ham, ram, Sam, jam and yam. We played the CVC box game in twos. Hurrah! Everyone enjoyed learning through play.


We conducted the fire drill this week to practice keeping in mind the things that we need to do in case the real fire occurs. Everyone lined up nicely and evacuated safely to the parking area. Thank you, Ms. Fronie for leading the said drill.


Finally, we went to the park and everyone had so much fun.

Have a great weekend, everyone.