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We're ready for the Sports Festival(MEADOW- August 23-27)


Hello everyone,


After long rainy days, we experienced hot days this week. We went walking in the morning and played in the yard. When crossing the road we don’t forget to to put our hands up. We stopped when cars came for a safety walking rule.


We are excited for the upcoming SPORTS FESTIVAL and we are doing our best practicing the dance exercise and the race. We spend our time every morning practicing the race by running in the classroom every morning as fast as they can . Go for it MEADOW!


Old McDonald had a Farm E-I-E-I-O😊 Our little ones really love this Farm animal song. We did an activity guessing what animal is it. One student stood in front with an animal picture band on their head. All students say the sound and that student in front guessed what animal was it.. They had fun. Also this week, we did an activity of choosing their favorite farm animal. We spread the farm animal flashcards on the floor and asked each student to pick the animal they like saying ” I like….. cows ” Good job, Meadow!

農場の動物の歌である、Old McDonald had a Farm E-I-E-I-O😊 の歌を子供達はとても気に入っています。動物当てクイズのアクティビティをしました。一人の生徒が頭に動物の絵のついたお面を付けみんなの前に立ちました。そのお友達はその動物が何かは知らないでいます。他のみんなは動物の鳴きまねを言ってみんなの前にいるお友達はそれがどの動物なのか想像して当てる遊びをしました。床には農場の動物のカードを置いて広げ各生徒に ” I like….. cows ” などと言いながら好きな動物を拾うように言いました。みんな良く頑張ったね。   Meadowクラスのお友達!

Once a week, we try to let our young learners to use their hands to trace lines to develop their fine motor skills. They enjoy choosing colors and also they’re getting good at tracing. Take look at how they did it.


Counting Numbers 7 & 8.

We had fun activity of counting numbers 7&8. We prepared the cutout fish and asked students to take them according to the numbers they saw on the floor. Each of them confirmed if the number of fish were matched. They were able to count and say the numbers correctly. Well done Meadow😊

子供達は7から8までを数える楽しいアクティビティをしました。魚の形に切ったものを用意し子供達に床に置かれた魚を見て数を言いながら取っていくように促しました。どの生徒さんも魚の数が合っているかを確認しました。みんな数えたり数を正しく言っています。頑張りました。Meadowクラスのお友達 😊

Have a look at how our youngsters enjoyed the music class this week😊

子供達がどのように今週の音楽のレッスンを楽しんでいるのかご覧ください。 😊

Thank you for reading our blog. Keep safe and have a wonderful weekend😊

ブログをお読みいただきありがとうございます。安全で素敵な週末をお過ごしください。 😊